sk법인폰 Galaxy S24 Series Ultra Pre-Reservation Period, Release Date, Specifications and Design

Here’s a summary of the Galaxy S24 series, which was announced to be released at the beginning of 2024. The table of contents is organized as follows, so you can quickly browse through the questions.

✔ Pre-booking / Release date
✔ Performance / Specifications
✔ Design

① Pre-booking / Release Date

Samsung’s unpack date is getting faster and faster. Again, the scheduled unpack date was moved up faster than expected. It is a fairly fast move than the pattern that was carried out around February every year.

The 2024 Samsung Unpacked event will be held on Jan. 17 in San Jose, U.S. The company plans to go on sale right after the unpack, and accordingly, the Galaxy S24 series will likely be pre-booked and released within January.

Samsung’s decision to launch early seems to reflect the rapidly changing smartphone market trend. Xiaomi is currently the third-largest smartphone market. Xiaomi recently launched its 14 series, and sales are soaring to over 1 million units. The situation is no different with the giant dinosaur Apple. The iPhone 15 series, which was introduced in October, is still popular, and the Pro/Promax models continue to increase waiting demand.

Avoid direct product competition with Xiaomi and Apple. At the same time, we can get a glimpse of Samsung’s strategy to join the ranks of new product launches at a time when it is not too late. As a result, the 2024 title cannot be missed, so it can be assumed that the unpacking of the new product has been accelerated with the start of the new year.


That’s the conclusion. So far, January’s release is not official. It’s just a rumor, but the early release is almost certain. If the unpack proceeds as scheduled, the unpack date is January 18th in the U.S. local time. And considering the time difference, pre-booking for the Galaxy S24 is expected to begin in earnest from January 19th in Korea.

Pre-booking will be held from the 19th to the 25th, and it is expected to be officially released on January 26th.

② Performance / Specifications

It continues the stronghold of Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8 AP, which was well-received in its previous work. It will be equipped with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8 Gen for Galaxy AP. Qualcomm’s 3rd generation chipset offers a 30% improvement in CPU/GPU performance compared to its 2nd generation. What’s more surprising is that it even has a dedicated cost. It is expected to improve power efficiency by a significant 20% and 25%, respectively.

The battery capacity of the Galaxy S23 Ultra was 5,000mAh, and the S24 Ultra is also expected to be equipped with the same level. This is because the actual usage time can be secured by improving the power ratio of the new AP rather than increasing the battery capacity.

If you look at the benchmark score of Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8 Gen for Galaxy AP, you can see far superior performance. This is a very significant result, and the benchmark score for the Xiaomi 14 model with the same chipset is in the range of 2200 points/multicore 7400 points. Compared to the Gen 2 model, it is up 300 and 2200 points, respectively. 법인폰

On the other hand, there 업무용휴대폰 is unfortunate news about chipsets. The entire Galaxy S24 Ultra will have Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 AP. However, Exynos 2400 is expected to be installed in parallel on the Plus/Basic model. The previous model was well received for its installation of the same AP regardless of the difference between the models, but the news that Exynos will be installed again after just a year has drawn strong public criticism.

Exynos is Samsung’s AP. It was part of a strategy that dreamed of independence of chipsets based on high performance, power efficiency, and AI performance, but the actual market valuation was cool-headed. As the model has always received negative reviews compared to Qualcomm’s AP, word has already been circulating that it will be re-installed on the new model.

Still, there is no sharp difference in display. It is expected to support ultra/basic/plus 120Hz variable injection rate. For reference, screen brightness is also expected to increase slightly to improve usability outdoors.

Although the display size is업무용핸드폰 not different, information is often confirmed that the edge is reduced and the form factor is changed to a flat form factor. In fact, if it is released flat at all, the thickness of the bezel is expected to widen slightly accordingly.

RAM capacity will increase compared to S23. According to the Plus Model Geekbench leak, the Plus Model RAM specification is 12GB. This is a significant change compared to the previous 8GB. Unfortunately, there is no basic RAM information yet, but unless there is a sharp difference from the Plus model, the total RAM capacity is expected to start at 12GB.

The biggest change in specifications and performance is the Ultra model’s internal memory capacity. Up to 256GB / 512GB / 1TB / 2TB, we’ve greatly increased the choice of capacity. One disappointment is that we want the base capacity to start at 512GB.

③ Design

The overall design, such as screen size/camera position/color, is not much different from the previous model. However, the frame changes greatly.

The new model will be transformed from a sleek, round design to a flat and angled shape. It is similar to the perilla leaf container design applied to the iPhone 12-14 series. As a result, the Galaxy S24 series will have a different grip.

Interest in the flat design is already high. Expectations for the Snapdragon 8 Gen for Galaxy AP are full of excitement, as it proved a huge success in its previous work. Naturally, the unprecedented number of pre-orders is expected to gather. Therefore, you have to prepare in advance, and we are currently accepting pre-orders from the smartphone community All That Phone.

✓ Shortcuts ✓

It is a large-scale cafe that has already sold out its previous work, and all three SK/KT/LG telecommunications companies can apply in advance, so please hurry to prepare it.

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