Hello. It’s time to move from lte to 5g. Most of the newly released 법인 알뜰폰 support 5g. However, there must have been a lot of people who were worried about purchasing a 5g 법인휴대폰 개통because of the not-diverse rate plan yet. This is because most of them had to use high-priced plans worth more than 80,000 won to use data to some extent. However, KT was the first to introduce two mid-to low-priced 5g plans, increasing the lineup of plans and expanding customers’ choices. In the last article, I briefly introduced the cheapest 5g save, and in this article, I learned about the kt 5g simple plan.

The kt법인폰 5g simple plan is an unlimited plan that provides 110GB of 5g built-in data and also provides voice and text messages. The monthly fee is 69,000 won and 51,750 won for a discount on the optional agreement. In the case of the previous Super Plan Basic plan, it was good to use without data limit, but there was a very burdensome part because the monthly fee was 80,000 won. Therefore, customers who mostly used unlimited 60,000 won in LTE had to raise the fee to 80,000 won to maintain similar use, so there must have been some people who had no choice but to change or postpone the change. The 5g simple plan is a 5g plan that can be used for the same amount as the data on the video plan at a monthly rate of 69,000 won, so you can use it for the same amount without having to pay more in the existing plan.

Both 5g Simple and Data on Video are 69,000 won and 5,1750 won for optional contract discounts. There are two big differences between the two plans. First, the amount of data provided by default is 110GB for 5g Simple, but 100GB for video. And, unlike videos that offer membership VIP benefits, membership benefits are not provided in Simple. Since the 5Mbps speed control option is the same for the additional usage after the basic data is exhausted, the difference in basic 10GB is not significant, and I think the difference in membership benefits is the largest.

In that regard, it may be thought that the 5g simple plan has fewer benefits than the video plan, which is the same amount of lte plan. However, since most of the existing 5g plans were concentrated inexpensive sections of 80,000 won or more, 69,000 is a plan that includes plenty of basic 5g data and unlimited options, so please refer to it and choose a plan! Although additional 5g plans in the range of 40,000 won to 60,000 won are still available only at kt, I will introduce them to you when additional 5g plans are released on SKT and LG U+ soon.