I purchased the Galaxy S22 Ultra Green color self-sufficiency system as a pre-booking and received it today. In addition, there are also burgundy color photos that were briefly used a few days ago as a contribution service.
The box is super slim. Is this a flagship model? It is extremely simple and slim enough to make you wonder. The large “S” logo on the front and the 법인폰 개통color drawn through the “Galaxy S22 Ultra” lettering on the side is marked.

Black protective films are attached to almost all parts except the rear camera area. Small square holes are located at the center and bottom, respectively, so you can preview the back color.
Unfortunately, all three lines of 법인핸드폰 do not have basic protective films attached. When opened, a transparent film is attached to the front. It’s not a film for actual use. It’s for simple protection, so you can boldly remove it.
There are no components. C to C cables and SIM pins are everything. It’s extremely simple, right? I don’t have both a charger and earphones.
Green, burgundy.
It’s sk법인폰 Galaxy S22 Ultra Green & Burgundy. Both Green and Burgundy are quite fascinating colors. Personally, I’m more attracted to green. Both colors were so pretty that it was hard to distinguish between superior and inferior.
Green colors tend to accept light well. Depending on the ambient illumination, the tone may look bright or dark. Burgundy, on the other hand, seemed dark and dark all the time.
Both Green and Burgundy are dark colors, and they are matte and do not get fingerprints, and have a considerable level of luxury. If you rub it with your hands, you can hear a delicious(?) sound.
The S Pen of the Galaxy S22 Ultra is all “black” regardless of color. It is also being criticized for being a step to reduce costs. However, the head part of the S Pen matches the color of each terminal.
I don’t think this design is bad, with only the head in its color and the area stored inside being black matte. Rather, it’s the first two-tone S Pen, so it looks more unique and unique.
The first built-in type of S Pen was not enough, so the latency was drastically reduced. It’s 2.8 ms, 1/3 of 법인폰 알뜰폰. You can see from the video, that it sticks to the tip of the pen tip and does not fall off. In particular, there are some parts that I can feel. If you draw a long line, you can see a slight gap without completely sticking to the S Pen at first, but as you continue to draw, it sticks completely to the middle part. That’s the new S Pen’s AI Handwriting Prediction Algorithm.

It’s faster than the previous work, but if you draw the line slowly, you can still see that it follows slightly later. However, Samsung introduced an AI handwriting prediction algorithm to the S Pen, identified what the user intended, predicted it in real-time, and made the next line react more quickly and agile. Such details seem to have led to an improvement in overall writing.

The 6.8-inch QHD+ AMOLED 2X display is also large. It’s refreshing. There is no significant difference in color when looking at the display from the front for both green and burgundy colors. Unless you use a transparent case or a raw phone as it is, there will be no significant difference in any color.

From the rear, front, to the slim form factor and side design. The more I look at it, the more I look like the Galaxy Note. I even feel like I’m watching 20 Ultra again, the last note series.

Rather, there’s a big difference. The design, performance, and amazing ‘camera’. It is a quad composition, and it was introduced as a water drop design for the first time. The feeling of being caught at the fingertips is less, and the volume is no longer burdensome. Dust is likely to accumulate easily, but I don’t think it will be a big problem because phones with such existing camera islands were the same.
The power of zooming 100 times has become enormous. As soon as I was in a hurry, I filmed a fire alarm far from the office. The left side is the 법인휴대폰 and the right side is the S22 Ultra. Both were filmed under the same conditions while holding their breath, but the difference in details seems so much. To be exact, it doesn’t look clear from the start of filming, but it makes a big difference in the results by selecting candidates immediately after. It was easy to see that the first 4nm process octa-core processor was working hard.


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